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“Your satisfaction is our reputation”

Welcome to Scotts Tree Surgery & Garden Maintenance

Scotts Tree Surgery & Garden Maintenance was established in 2002, since then we have built a client base across Surrey and Sussex. We are proud to offer a friendly, fully qualified and insured professional service for all your gardening needs.

We can do it all, from grass cutting, weeding and planting to the felling, pruning and reduction of trees and everything else in between!. Scotts is truly individual in this respect as it means you don’t have to shop around for a gardener and a tree surgeon we can do both.

Scotts Tree Surgery & Garden Maintenance can also provide the erection of all types of garden fencing and gates. Our skilled team will do this with as little hassle to you as possible.

We are excellent value for money and we ensure that your garden, which is the first thing people see when they visit your home, is a beautiful, tidy, relaxing place to be.

Welcome to Scotts Tree Surgery & Garden Maintenance http://www.checkatrade.com/

A Little more about us..

City and Guilds NPTC

At Scott’s our saying is “Your satisfaction is our reputation” and we believe this holds true. We have acquired many of our customers through word of mouth rather than some clever marketing pitch. We can provide for all your gardening needs whether you are a private or commercial customer. We offer the best service carried out to the highest possible standards, at competitive rates. We are based in Newdigate, Surrey.

Scotts was established in 2002, as a gardening business, by Robert Scott. As the business grew Robert employed several local staff. After repeated requests by our loyal customers and a passion for aborculture, Robert decided to add tree surgery to his repetoir. He and our climbing staff are fully NPTC qualified and insured.

We believe health and safety to be paramount, for our staff and for our customers, so we adhere to all industry guidelines. Scott’s has £5,000,000 Public Liability insurance and £10,000,000 Employers Liability insurance.


Fencing, Gardening and Tree Surgery Services


Scott’s can provide the erection of all types of garden fencing and gates. Our professional staff will do this with as little hassle to you as possible. You will feel assured you are getting the best service for your money. Whether its a simple post and rail, to mark out your boundary, or trellis fencing for your roses, we can provide it for you.

Here are a selection of the fencing we can provide for you:

Post and Rail

An excellent fence for horses and as a neat looking boundary for fields and land


Makes a garden look lovely, flowers such as roses can grow up it


Commonly used to border gardens. Very effective at keeping dogs and smaller animal’s in

Stock Fencing

For animals such as sheep and goats. A cheaper option than post and rail. May also accompany post and rail


Planting of hedging around your property. Hedging can be made from several different plants such as Laurel and fast growing conifers. These are good to block out road noise


We will put up gates chosen by the customer to match our fences.

Feather Edge


The garden is a focal point of most peoples homes we aim to make this a beautiful place for you to spend your time. We can create the most complex garden to an easy low maintenance garden. From the smallest lawn mowing job to a complete garden makeover we can provide private customers and commercial businesses with competitive quote for all your gardening needs. Our staff are highly knowledgeable and dedicated to leaving your property in excellent condition and health.

Here are some of the services we provide:

Lawn mowing

Proper mowing is very important in keeping your lawn healthy. Grasses are like most plants if you cut the growing points the plants become denser. We use the best machinery to provide a picture perfect cut.


Edging and trimming are the finishing touches of mowing, cutting a nice clean edge along a driveway or flower bed.


To get your lawn looking at its best you should fertilize your lawn around four times a year, or at least twice to help the grass to grow. The best time to fertilise is when the grass is actively growing otherwise you encourage weed growth.


If you have an area which you wish to be a lawn but you do not want to wait for seed to grow then turfing is your solution. We can prepare your ground, acquire and lay the turf and help with the maintenance every step of the way.


The best way to give your property a bit of life is by planting flowers or shrubs. Scott’s will give you the information you need on what to plant how to get all year round colour. We can also plant your vegetable patch, bulbs or lawn seed.


A quick way of cutting down any out of control areas or edges. Can be used in preparation to mowing long grass or very helpful in those hard to reach areas of the garden.

Leaf blowing and clearance

Nobody likes a garden covered in leaves, our blowers make a quick job of clearing them away so you can see your lawn or drive again. All waste is taken away and disposed of.


The pruning of different plants happens at different times of the year and you prune using different methods to help the plants growth. It is necessary to control the plants growing patterns and to help them flower. If pruned incorrectly plants may not recover.


From meadow flowers to lawn seed we can sow you a beautiful bed of flowers or grass at the right time of year.

Hedge cutting and shaping

Keeping your hedges cut makes your property look so much tidier and is imperative for proper growth. Our experienced staff will cut or shape your hedges to any of your personal specifications.


Taking out the unwanted weeds, allowing your plants to grow through. A well maintained bed is the key to success of flower and plant growth.

Tree Surgery

Scott’s staff are fully qualified and provide a friendly professional service. We remove all debris and make sure that your property is left tidy and well maintained. We can assist you with all your arboricultural needs and provide you with a free competitive quote.

Here are some of our services:


The cutting of trees and shrubs to ground level allowing vigorous regrowth and a sustainable supply of timber for the future.


The complete removal of a tree, the stump will be left as close to the ground as possible but will be above ground level.


The removal of all branches from the trunk or the regular pruning of small branches. To control a trees growth.

Crown Reduction

Reducing the height and/or spread of the crown of a tree by the removal of the ends of branches whilst maintaining the tree’s natural shape as far as possible. This allows more light into your garden and can replenish a trees natural shape.

Crown Thinning

The removal of a selection of secondary branches to produce a uniform branch structure without altering the size or shape of the tree. This improves the amount of light levels passing through the canopy thus reducing shading and it also reduces the wind resistance.

Crown Lift

The removal of the lowest branches, normally to give a uniform height from ground level. Crown lifting should not normally include the removal of large branches growing directly from the trunk because this may jeopardise the tree’s future. You would usually want this procedure to bring more light into your garden.

Fruit Tree Pruning

Fruit trees must be properly trained and pruned otherwise they lose will their shape and form. These trees will yield more high quality fruit and live significantly longer.

Tree Pruning

Is a term used to describe the combination of different procedures on a tree.

Formative Pruning

Pruning during the early years of a tree’s growth, to establish a structure and form.

Branch Removal

Removal of specific branches as requested for safety etc.

Removal of Deadwood

The removal of deadwood from the canopy of the tree.

Stump Grinding

The removal of a trees stump to make a lawn look more tidy and create more space.


Planting new trees on your property either young or more developed specimens.


After the felling of a tree or an already fallen tree we can cut .

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They do a great job for us.

5 5 1
Scotts have been looking after all of the communal gardens and two private gardens in our community for some time now. They do a great job for us. They are hard working, diligent and honest.At the same time they look after the well being of their company and are good business men. It's nice in today's world to find a group of young men who are prepared to do their best for the customer and act with integrity.

Will certainly use them again

5 5 1
We have had Rob and his team do a few heavy clearing and fencing jobs for us since moving to the area this summer, and we must say how impressed we have been with not only the quality of the work but the proffessional manner in which all his staff conduct themselves. The fence looks amazing and the expert advice we have received has been invaluable.We are in a coservation area and Rob has even dealt with the couuncil in regards to the assessment and removal of a very old Cherry Tree which has seen better days. The staff are extremely hard working and friendly, we will certainly use them again and recommend them to any of our neighbours, friends and family.
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